Uplifting Card (ft. Heffy Doodle)

by Tatiana

Hello and welcome!

I’m SO glad you stopped by to see what crafty inspiration I have today! I’m up on the Heffy Doodle Blog with “Stretch Your Supplies” card series!!! It means that I’m focusing on how to get more from your craft supplies and think out of boxes, giving new life to your crafty stash! So let start!

The Sky's The Limit #handmade card by Tatiana Trafimovich #tatianacraftandart - Hot Air Balloon Dies by Heffy Doodle #heffydoodle

Today I would like to invite you to give another look at wonderful Hot Air Balloon Dies and give some ideas, tips and tricks how to put up together an uplifting greeting card, playing with watercolors and stencils. Hot Air Balloon Dies are so versatile and fun to play with! You can simply die cut the parts from a colorful cardstock or ink each section like I illustrated in this post. However today, I decided to get crafty and start with a plain white paper that I’m sure all of you have in your crafty stash! So you have no excuse not try this technique!!! LOL!!! I like a slightly vintage and artistic look of the final project that was achieved by watercoloring hot air balloon parts first and then adding a fun polka dots pattern through Let’s Polka Stencil by simply inking the middle section and adding fun texture to both side pieces with a white embossing paste. The cute little basket underneath the hot air ballon was enriched with a couple of hand draw details added with a colored pencil.

One last thing that, I would like to mention is that I used Strathmore Bristol paper on my project since it works well with water based markers. However, if you want to try a regular watercolors, then use you favorite watercolor paper instead.

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The Sky's The Limit #handmade card by Tatiana Trafimovich #tatianacraftandart - Hot Air Balloon Dies by Heffy Doodle #heffydoodle

Key Ingredients:

Step By Step Instructions:

The Sky's The Limit #handmade card by Tatiana Trafimovich #tatianacraftandart - Hot Air Balloon Dies by Heffy Doodle #heffydoodle

That’s all for today! Hope you like this lovely uplifting wishes card! Thanks so much for stopping by and have a fabulous day!

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